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 What It Costs 

Demo Reels - Actors

Includes Editing and Consultaion, 

Scene Intro Graphics/Credits,


Sound FX,

Montage (if desired),

Representation Billing,

Free USB of Digital mp4,

Any other file format required: Actors Access, etc

2 Free Hours of Additional Alterations*


$ Contact us for latest deals

Film/TV/Web & Tralers/Sizzles

If you require an Editor for your Feature, TV show or

Trailer we can provide a full service and will deliver to your specifications.

Please call for indvidual quotes.


* DEMO REELS: If your Manager/Agent has any notes or tweaks that you wish to incorporate we will perform these free of charge for the first 2 hours.  Any additional changes after that are $80/hour.


We will keep a master copy of your Reel(s) so that additions can be made at a later date. Please contact us for a quote as it will be on a case by case basis.


Prices are subject to change at any time without prior notice.

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